As an introduction, the focus of this blog will be about my time together with a girl I love dearly – before and after her time on earth.  Her name is Lara.  We went to school together from kindergarten to the twelfth grade, but did not become involved in a romance until we were 37 years old.  She crossed over earlier this year on January 17th, 2016.  From that day, my life changed in many ways.

I call it “autopilot .”  Something in me started sharing our life together on Facebook.  Accounts of traveling , nights out, and new experiences that we had together.  The things I wrote resinated with many, but I often thought that there must be another forum that I could could use to say what I need to say.  This feels right, so I will leave my story here.

Early in our relationship I sent Lara a text that said “I love you – sideways 8.”  She replied with a question mark, so I asked her to think about it, and to let me know when she understood…  Almost immediately she did, and that became our secret code.  A code that means we love each other forever, come what may, and no matter what.  This is for you Lara. I know you understand how much I love you.

Sideways Eight.